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Patrick/Patricia Joseph BostonBarista atMuchachoAtlanta, Georgia

People will say things like “stop being so extra” or “don’t be so loud and embarrassing,” implying that one should dim their light or lower their volume in order to please someone else. I say, “fuck that!” Be you, be extra, be embarrassing and ruffle some feathers! When you speak your truth, shine your light, and live authentically, you’re going to attract like-minded people to your inner-circle.

My biggest triumph to date is ripping the bandaid off and completing my yoga teacher training at Dancing Dogs Yoga. I spent five plus years telling myself I didn’t have enough time or money. Basically, I didn’t believe I was worth the investment. It was a life changing process, one that I doubted and questioned throughout. Yet, she came out on top and now I’m continuing to invest my time in myself to share my heart with others, especially the queer community.

I don’t always know what I’m going to say when I walk into a yoga studio to teach. I also don’t always know what came out of my mouth by the time class is over. That’s the beauty and the curse of speaking from my heart and reading the energy of the room. I often speak about beauty, strength, capability and authentic living.

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are capable. I feel like if someone had told me that from infancy I’d be a different person today.

I think the ultimate show of love is self-love, being open to receive without the need to reciprocate or deflect.

The world right now is a very scary place, fueled by fear and greed. In reality, it’s always been this way, but for some reason we’re able to see things more clearly than before. We fear saying what we think, wearing what we like, and doing what makes us happy or what we feel is right because we fear persecution, in whatever form that might take.

We can’t change the world until we change ourselves. My goal as a human, especially one who teaches yoga, is to empower people to live authentically and live that authenticity OUT LOUD!

I recently started a new offering called Queer Yoga Deep Stretch. It’s 90 minutes of holding gentle, yet powerful poses to connect intimately with your body. The first class was literally full of queer humans and allies of ALL shapes, sizes, colors, abilities and identities. I never felt so validated in my purpose and connected to a group of humans before. It was the first time I cried while teaching.

Failure is so subjective. My very good friend and life coach used to tell me, “You can’t steer a parked car.” Fear of failure, not failure itself, has crippled me from starting my car so many times when new destinations have presented themselves to me. I don’t believe I’ve ever failed in the Doomsday-type-of-way we so often frame failure to be, once I put my car in drive and took action.

Many of us working in customer service are often defined by and judged for this means of income. We are more than a job. We are complex humans like everyone else. We are artists, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs and hospitality professionals. We are living, breathing, growing, healing, learning and unlearning.

I feel like as long as I continue to drive, enjoy the scenery along the way, explore some detours and stop for rest, there is no failing, only ends and beginnings.

I realized I am not any one activity, thought, means of income or passion project. I am a dynamic, complex human being with so much love to share.