Hey Barista,

The Harley-riding Coffee Roaster of Mesick, Michigan


Meet Brad Reecer, a 58-year-old with a 118-horse power Harley Davidson and a tiny Chihuahua named Coney Dog.

Hello from Mparntwe (Alice Springs)

Mike Fowler was drawn to the Australian desert by love, but stayed due to Covid-19. Here is a barista/photographer’s story about adapting to life 15 hours from the nearest city.

Photo Essay

Soph Wilson on Breaking the Silence at the Opera

Soph Wilson is not your quintessential opera singer, nor does she want to be. Here are her thoughts on shaking up a traditional industry.


A Quiet Shanghai

An intimate look at the street photography of Alan Huang and how his deafness enables him to connect with the world in a “calmer, quieter way.”

Photo Essay

Parkour Through the Lens of Casey Wilson

10 years ago, Casey Wilson saw a friend do a flip off a wall and thought, I want to do that too.

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