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Short Talks


Ayhan ErogluInternational Competition Judge, Teacher and former owner Rocaccino Rockin' CoffeeOss, Netherlands

My heritage is Turkish, and actually that’s where my interest in coffee came from. I remember my grandmother making real Cezve Turkish coffee at home, and I thought, Wow! That smells and tastes so good! It was so nice to see how she enjoyed and paid attention to her coffee. There were so many different coffees from different regions in Turkey that I realized I knew nothing about—and my interest was sparked.

I’ve been working in coffee for about 12 or 13 years. We had a café and a food truck here in Oss. We visited festivals and did some catering. Now I freelance, teach courses and judge the coffee comps. I used to work in a lab at a pharmaceutical company, but did a total 180 and decided to get into coffee and get my biker’s license. I loved my work before, but I was always wanting to start my own company and once I did, I never looked back. I am currently a judge at most of the coffee competitions here in The Netherlands. Next week, I will be heading to Turkey to judge at the National Championships there.

I used to work in a lab at a pharmaceutical company, but did a total 180 and decided to get into coffee and get my biker’s license.

I love this bike, but there is still a dream bike I have my eye on. Of course, it’s a Harley. I love the style and the custom ape hanger handlebars.

Roca Kingz is not some cool secret club. We do have secrets, but we’re not an underground club or anything. We’re a motorcyclist group I founded here in the Netherlands–a group of friends who like to ride motorcycles. You can earn your patches, but no illegal stuff. We try to ride as much as possible and visit events and meetings. We get together to have fun, eat and have a drink. We go on road trips, depending on the weather and how many want to join. Our group is made up of 12 riders at the moment. Once a year we also participate in a “Ride-Out” where 700-900 bikers get together and ride through the country to raise funds for the Moluccan community.

It’s not required to have a Harley to be in our group, although it would be great. And why a Harley? Very simple! It’s the feeling you get when you ride a Harley. You have to experience it for yourself. You don’t get the same feeling with any other bike.

But we really just request that members have a custom bike. Of course, new members also have to fit in with our group. We have prospective members ride along with us on a few rides, then we take a vote. The test rides are to see if the person loves to ride and if that person is capable of riding in our group. After a few rides, we can tell if the person fits in. Also, it must be someone who knows at least a few of us members. And it’s important that the person can get along with all of us. Otherwise it’s a no go. Yes, sometimes people don’t get in, it does happen.

My next steps in coffee? I have no idea. Ask me again in 12 months. We’ll see where I am then. Everything can always completely change.