Hey Barista,


Alan Huang

Shanghai, China

A Quiet Shanghai

Alan Huang grew up wanting to be a computer programmer, but everything changed when he stumbled upon a video of a deaf Korean barista taking part in a latte art competition. It was after watching the clip that Alan, who is also deaf, decided to become a barista. According to Alan, it was the creative environment of Shanghai’s coffee scene that inspired him to pick up his latest form of artistic expression: photography.

Below are select pieces from Alan’s documentation of Shanghai’s city streets, which convey the unique perspective he brings to his work.

“Street life never fails to fascinate me—the vibes, the lights, the noise—even if I can’t hear it.”

“I love connecting with people, even without talking to them. In my own way, a calmer way, a quieter way.”

“People sometimes hold back when it comes to speaking up. But with seeing and feeling, there are no restraints.”

“Perhaps the most mundane yet vivid world is the hidden alleyway in the urban jungle, cluttered and quiet.”

“I can’t hear you, but I can understand you better than anyone else. We are good at sensing, feeling, and understanding.”