Hey Barista,



Nikisha Bailey

WInWin Coffee Bar / Philadelphia, PA

Playlist by Nikisha Bailey & WinWin: 001

Nikisha Bailey, along with her business partner Matthew Namaste, owns WinWin Coffee Bar in Philadelphia. Bailey also happens to be a 10-year veteran of the music industry, starting her career as an intern at Atlantic Records and recently moving into a role as VP of A&R Admin and Operations.

The short of it: Bailey has far better taste in music than anyone at Hey Barista.

She was kind enough to curate a Win Win x Hey Barista playlist and give a little perspective on the tracks she decided to feature. According to Bailey, the playlist is best experienced with a cup of Win Win Roast. Enjoy.

WizKid (Feat. Tems) – Essence

It’s Tems’ voice for me! Had to start off with this dope collaboration from two artists paving the way in Afrobeat music . Wizkid and Tems narrate the classic tale of two lovers trying to understand if they are actually still in love, and the song’s driving rhythm creates the perfect backdrop for their exploration of the relationship.

Col3trane, Mahalia – Pretty

Mahalia is really growing into her own as an artist. With the beautifully nuanced melodies in “Pretty”, her sound is timeless.  Col3trane is also one to watch as a newcomer on the R&B side, his vocal range is incredible and reminiscent of what true R&B actually entails.

TRESOR, Msaki – Sondela

Pandemic got you feeling sad?  Hungry? Missing that special someone? Glad to be locked away from the world for a little while? Great song to shake off the blues, elevate happiness, fill you with smiles. Practice your best moves in the mirror to this one!

AG Club – Hngover

Love this group. This East Bay collective has been around since 2017 and released their debut album this year which featured this lush track Hngover. Get to know them.

Amber Mark – Can You Hear Me

Amber is probably my favorite artist out right now. Her vocal abilities are incredible. No genre can encompass what her talent has to offer. Having lost her mom a few years ago, Amber has turned her pain and grief into a true reflection of art via inspiration and musical therapy. She really is something special <3

Berita, Ave – Yours

After 10 days days of snow on the East coast, physically I’m bundled up in umpteen layers and mentally I’m sprawled out on a tropical island sipping pina coladas and eating mangoes. This song gets me to that place.

Groove Theory – Tell Me

Solidified bop supreme. This track just turned 25 but there’s something about it that constantly continues to connect with all ages, genres and musical palates.  Great record to get your actual groove on in the club or blast while cleaning out the fridge.

Trey Songz, Aretha Franklin, JUVENILE –  Gotta Make It Remix 

Love Trey and I would love to know the backstory of how this remix came to life. Aretha and Juvenile on the same track, beyond epic! An uplifting remix that has a little something for everyone.

Rationale – Oil and Water

Are you ever driving, and then…all of a sudden you realize you’re driving? Well that’s how I feel when I listen to this song. The feels…so easy to get lost in the 808s and gospel-esque tone of Rationale’s voice.

Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes

Classic R&B. Janet always sets the tone, whether you’re falling in love all over again, or sipping away that “I just fell out of love” feeling with a bottle of red wine, your fave pajamas and your best two step.

Sectiontoo – Just Dreamin

New kid on the block, with awesome vocals. Hailing from Queens, Sectiontoo has consistently put out really great R&B music over the past year. He’s a talented songwriter, and he definitely is one to keep an eye on.

TheMIND- Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL take on a timeless song. This is a great restructuring of an 80s dance record, turned into a beautiful, modern R&B ballad. You’re drawn in by the emotion of TheMIND’s vocals; his creativity makes this record his own.

Tobe Nwigwe, The New Respects – HELLA BLACK

Tobe is an undeniable force. His style is minimalist and his videos are typically repeated choreography, with a thematic color pattern, forcing you to pay attention to his words. Tobe’s type of movement, his type of music and his sound is pertinent to everything that’s going on right now in Black culture. He has chosen to be real, be transparent and use his platform to voice real concerns and celebrate blackness. This track is a perfect example of that.

Nina Simone – Feeling Good

Queen Nina is always a requirement. Her immense catalog has something for every mood and any occasion. Her impact, not only as a musician, but as the voice of the civil rights movement, breathes life into social injustices that are still present today.