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Short Talks

Marianne Montonen, of Caffi, Espoo, Finland

My whole family is quite musically oriented. Both my sisters sing, my dad plays guitar and we have a complete band setup in our summer house.

Salvador Sans, of Cafés El Magnífico, Barcelona, Spain

I play tennis with my friends three times a week, come rain, snow or shine, we play. I’ve been playing doubles with one of them for 50 years. At 8 or 9, we were playing Catalonia championships together.

Jacintha Murphy, of Annelies, Berlin, Germany

Growing up, I was always creative, constantly drawing and making, so it was inevitable that I would go to art school. There was never any question about what I would study. Even though I struggled for many years with identifying as one, I am an artist.

Davon Clark, of Build Coffee, Chicago, IL

My grandmama is the most influential person in my life. Anytime I’m thinking of something, I ask myself, ‘Is she going to be proud of this? Am I going in the right direction right now? You know she made sacrifices…’

Paige Hicks, of Trade and Lore, Asheville, NC

I went to college for a few years before dropping out. I went all my life thinking college was the be-all-end-all and if I didn’t go, my life would suck. I did well my first year, but going into my second, I hated it.

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