Hey Barista,

Short Talks

Adrian Campbell, of Society Cafe, Bath, UK

My wife and I both come from a service background, which is why service is so important to us.

Alexandra Zepeda, of Joe Coffee Company, The Bronx, NY

I am a queer first-generation Salvadoran American immigrant from The Bronx. My mom sent me over there as a kid, then brought me back to The Bronx when I was a little older. I’ma be real with you—I don’t know why the fuck people move to New York. I will never understand that.

Annika Hotti, of Ripaus Catering & Cafe Victor, Turku, Finland

I grew up in a small town in Western Finland. It was so small that I only had four classmates in primary school! My father got his university degree in Natural Resources and loved spending time in the woods, foraging and orienteering—the latter of which is essentially a sport in which you use a compass and map to quickly navigate from point to point across unfamiliar terrain.

Ashton Whitley, of Dagger Mountain Roastery, Valaparaiso, IN

My husband Dan and I met in high school. We both worked in different cafes in town, and we were dating and he really wanted to learn about roasting.

Marcos Zoya, Independent Barista Trainer and Coffee Consultant, Madrid, Spain

I wasn’t made for the regular school classes. I found them boring and stressful. My mind at the time was like a locomotive out of control.

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