Hey Barista,

Short Talks


Andrew SuttonLead Barista and Educator atMethodical Coffee Greenville, SC

I think a lot of people are surprised to learn that I’ve lost like one hundred pounds in my life. I was a big dude throughout high school and decided to become healthier, and started just by making better eating choices, and then started exercising.

I like exploring my surroundings, no matter if it’s in nature or not. I personally gain a lot more from being out in more rural, isolated areas than a cityscape. I grew up in a pretty small town where there was a lot of room to explore the woods and fields around, so I’ve always been kind of doing that, but I never thought about it as an intentional thing.

I personally gain a lot more from being out in more rural, isolated areas than a cityscape.

I’m trying to live more intentionally. Maintain relationships better, serve people better, and take care of myself.

Oh fuck yeah, I’ve failed. I’m constantly failing at things. Big and small, if we were to get real. I try not to look at failure as this huge negative experience. You did the best you could with the information you had at the time, and then hopefully you learn from that and apply that to your life. Whether it’s like fucking up a few eggs when you’re learning to sous vide, or letting a valuable friendship decline in your life. Pick up the pieces and keep trying your best, ya know?

I try to find people in everyday life who influence me. Like, there’s this delivery dude who delivers to the shop and he’s someone who influences me, like, on the daily. He’s out running around, fucking crushing delivering packages in the middle of the South, on concrete, hot as balls and I’ve never seen him ever be the least bit pissed off at his situation or in a bad mood. Al is a fucking boss. People like that inspire me: be a good person, serve others, have fun. Live the dream.

I think if you can just completely be comfortable in your own skin – which everyone struggles with – but if you can get there, or the closest you can, that’s authentic. You do you.

Love yourself, love others, don’t take shit from people, stand up for yourself, pour a glass of water, beer, coffee, anything for other people before your own. Set a table for your friends, cook for others, cook for strangers. All that is authentic. Be genuine, be humble, lead a good life!

Be who you are when there is no one around you, and be who you are when everyone is around. If you can get to that point, that’s authenticity.