Hey Barista,

Short Talks

Sailing with Greg of Mistral Coffee

“To me, sailing means ultimate freedom. Water covers 70 percent of the world, and when you find yourself in the middle of the ocean for the first time—say, 3,000 miles from anywhere—it is an amazing feeling.”

The psychological side of coffee with Lorena Mateo

“I combine my work as the manager in a coffee shop in Madrid with my psychology studies. It is surprisingly applicable in the layout of a coffee shop,”

Logan Xue (Huazi), of Sparrow Coffee, Suzhou, China

Cycling changed my life. In fact, cycling is what originally made me start to like coffee, and now as a result, I have started my own coffee shop.

James Wide, of Assembly Coffee, London, England

I had just finished up working with the NHS and was training for the Royal Air Force, but then I decided the Air Force wasn’t for me.

Yoshi Wang, of Awakan Coffee, Tianchang, Anhui, China

I’m interested in art, photography and freestyle music such as ‘gu qin’ (an ancient Chinese instrument) and hand drum. I don’t like following any script, I don’t like any rules. I prefer impromptu performance.

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