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Clara Engel and a Six Year Career in Bodybuilding: It’s Complicated.


Clara Engel, a Hamburg-based barista, opens up about her tumultuous career in bodybuilding.

James Wide, of Assembly Coffee, London, England

I had just finished up working with the NHS and was training for the Royal Air Force, but then I decided the Air Force wasn’t for me.

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Yoshi Wang, of Awakan Coffee, Tianchang, Anhui, China

I’m interested in art, photography and freestyle music such as ‘gu qin’ (an ancient Chinese instrument) and hand drum. I don’t like following any script, I don’t like any rules. I prefer impromptu performance.

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Valeria Taylor, of Loba Pastry + Coffee, Chicago, IL

I grew up in Mexico, and I moved to Florida when I was 16. Growing up, I had visited the States for vacation and I had all these ideas and expectations of what going to high school in the US was going to be like.

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Daniel Jiménez, of Toma Cafe, Madrid, ES

I was born in Venezuela. Saying that makes me feel quite sad, happy, hopeful, worried, and anxious—and at the same time, my experiences in Venezuela taught me many things I would come to interiorize as I got older.

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